Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why me?

So I went with Ryan to drop him off this morning at work. We are meeting ppl at Flying Saucer tonight and it seems pointless to have 2 cars so he's going to hitch a ride with work peeps. Anyways, I stop to satisfy my breakfast/junk food craving (don't judge me, you do it to), come home, park the car and press the garage door button to close the garage door. Nothing. WTF. Get out of the car, turn off the house alarm, and press the button by the door. The f'in thing acts like it starts going down and then comes back up. OMG. Why does this shit happen when I'm just here with the dogs and I know nothing about garage doors???????????????????? So the POS is just sitting open right now. I moved my car out to the driveway because I'm going to need it later and if I can get this awesome door to close, I don't want to be messing with opening it. Why me? Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?????????? I'm going to go call my Daddy and see what he has to say about this mess.


Manda said...

damn door! Kick it!