Monday, March 1, 2010

Something different

So I am attempting something new. Well, sorta. It's kind of an experiment for me. I'm attempting to be vegetarian for Lent. Now, I'm not a "practicing Catholic", but that's neither here nor there and I will not discuss details. Don't ask. I don't speak religion on this blog. Get over it. Email if you have questions.

Anywhos, I've decided to try this new thing because I started noticing that my eating habits were becoming a huge life disaster. Bootcamp and running is not as effective when you don't have the eating habits to go with it. I am happy to say that I've enjoyed this vegetarian adventure so far. I have had 1 slip this past weekend that involved Sonic, a chicken sandwich and a corn dog but we won't discuss that. There aren't many vegetarian/non fried food options when you are in Gonzales, TX. So gotta roll with the locals. =) It feels like a different adventure. I have noticed that I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies and making better choices with portions and stuff. So that is a step in the right directions. My boss is a vegetarian so she let me borrow some cookbooks with some very yummy looking recipes.

Now, I will say that I wasn't much of a red meat eater to begin with. It's cutting out chicken that is painful. But I can do it. And cutting out fried food has been difficult too. But it's something I gotta do. It was just to easy to go down the street through the drive thru line. This makes me feel more accountable for what I'm eating. And for what I'm spending money on. As much fun as fast food junk food is, I'd rather save money, watch what I eat and then splurge a little at a few of my fav local Pville/Round Rock italian food places. =)

Hooray Veggies! LOL

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

You're asking me?

So this is super random but I've been getting a lot of people asking me how I do my hair because it always looks great. Seriously? You are asking me what I do to my hair? So, for the 2 people who actually wanna know, here is the process to super straight hair.... =)

1. I use whatever shampoo and conditioner is on sale i.e. on the cheap. They all do the same thing. I'll usually switch to a color treated hair shampoo/conditioner when I do get my hair colored/highlighted whatevs.

2. Towel dry hair a bit and then put about a dime size of this amazingness in your hair:

This stuff is amazing. But only use a small bit or your hair might end up looking to oily.

3. Air dry. For me, air drying makes it look sooo much better than when I have to blow dry it. I tend to look like a lion when my hair gets blow dried. I will also say that I shower at night. I don't have time in the morning to be doing a lot of beauty prep work.

4. I spray a little of this before I straighten...
OMG This stuff is awesome. I love love love it. If you have straight hair (or straight with the help of a straightener), get this. It smells good too.

5. Last but not least, straighten. Now, I am fully behind the idea of it's about the tools you use. I used to have a straightener I got at Target for like $30 bucks. Now, I'm not knocking Target, but I could do better. Chi's are ok, but I wanted to see if I could find something better. And oh did I find something. Presenting the Sedu.....

I'm sure plenty of people have heard about this brand. I never had. I compared reviews, asked friends, shopped around. I did drop a pretty penny to make this fabulous little gadget mind, but trust me, you will not be dissapointed. I also got a mini travel one included with I bought the regular sized one, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

So there it is. That's how I do. =)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vivaaaaaaaaaa LAS VEGAS!

Lovey and I are going to VEGAS! Happy belated minimoon to us!!! I'm so excited. You just don't understand. I have a slight confession as to why I'm so excited.....I've never been out of Texas (ok ok, so I went to Kentucky to see family when I was 10 but that doesnt count & I went to Disneyworld when I was 6 but all I remember is the spinning tea cups so that doesn't count either) and........I've never been on a plane. Please don't judge. A former temporary aerospace engineering major and I've never been on a plane. Shameful. But either way, I'M GOING TO VEGAS!

So I need recs for places to eat, things to see and do! GO! We already got our hotel booked. We are staying at Paris! Look at us...being all swanky. Now, this is probably going to be a more "touristy" trip because I don't really gamble and the past times Lovey has come to Vegas was purely for gambling. So I think we are going to see a Cirque de Solei show, of course the water/light show thing at the Belagio, the shops at the Venetian and some other things I'm forgetting. But still...RECS!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I accomplished a goal. I finished a half marathon! And the Austin Half Marathon at that! Oh my science was it hard! Now, I know its recommended that you check out the race route before you actually run it...but that's slightly difficult for me since the route was in downtown Austin. I live in Pville. It's kind of a trek down there. I thought I would be prepared. Doing a couple of 10 milers should have done it. But no. This course was wicked. I mean really? Who decided that the HUGE ASS HILL where Enfield becomes 15th street should be at the very end of the race?! Who's bright idea was that?

On top of that, of all days, my shoe didn't want to cooperate with my foot, so 2 blisters started forming between mile 8 and 9....which meant that more walking was happening for me that what I had originally planned for. Which in turn slowed me down. So I finished the Half in 3hrs 7 minutes. Not bad I guess for my first half marathon but I'll admit that I was slightly disappointed. BUT! I did finish and for my first half, that is the most important thing. I got a finishers metal and a finishers shirt. So that made me happy as a clam.

After the race, my body started to revolt. My knees were aching, my ankles were sooo tight! Felt like someone had hit me with a baseball bat. So off to bed I went with lots of meds (including sinus headache meds...effing cold front and the cedar pollen it blew in). So now I'm waddling like a little penguin. But whatever. Don't laugh. So that's all I got. How I was able to accomplish a long awaited goal that I was to chicken to do before. Lovey got some good pictures, so I'll post some of those as soon as he finishes doing the editing thing to them.

Possible changes to come along into this Crown Princess' Life.....what will they be? Depends on how the next few weeks goes. I've tried to make a promise to myself to let everyone in on the secret. AND NO! It's nothing having to do with being preggers or moving or anything insane like that. So quit with that kinda non sense. =)

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can Someone Explain?

**please excuse my has been a rough couple of weeks**

Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy are there some stupid ass MF's in this world? It seems that I come across new ones every single day. In my job, at the grocery store (i.e. my arch nemesis), through stories from my friends. How can these people really believe that they understand the world so much better than me, when in fact they look like a douche. Now, I'm not saying I know everything. Because I don't....usually. =) But I do like to think I have some common sense.

For instance, why do people really believe everything they hear? I mean, honestly, you just look like a fool later on. Maybe, if you stopped for one millisecond and looked at the source of your information, you would see a poor soul that is trying to make themselves look better in their fucked up lie of a world. Those that talk trash and say that certain people are dramatic and this, that or the other are usually the ones that love the drama, just don't have the balls to admit it. I'm just sorry that your life is so shitty that you really need to keep bringing up shit from years ago to make yourself feel better about your miserable life. You are not hot. Get over yourself.

One of the other things that seriously bothers me is people who try to be bitchy towards me in an effort to 'intimidate' me. Seriously?! Have you met me? This happens a lot at work. A. Lot. And it makes me laugh. A. Lot. While I'm usually nice and chipper 98% of the time, the other 2%........yea, the gloves come off. They didn't give me the title 'Royal Bitch' for nothing in APO. (long story, college thing) I usually treat it as a game. See how far they really think they can go. I win. Almost always.

If you got through this blog entry, then congrats. Hopefully I didn't bore you to much with my irritated-ness. I was just talking to one of my best friends about the issues above and we came to the conclusion that most people are seriously stupid. And annoying. Oh, and ugly people cause drama. Now sure how that last one came about. But it sounded like a good idea at the time. I have a few examples, but I'm really not that mean......usually.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Did you miss me?

Wow, it's been awhile! Lovey's birthday was a loooooong time ago. Since my last post, the following has happened..

-Officially took over my property and survived the 1st month as manager
-have put off writing thank you notes (in my defense, see previous accomplishment)
-am in the middle of writing vendor reviews
-learned out to make zucchini and pumpkin bread
-Met up with the Austin Bloggers b/c Serena was in town!!! It was so great to finally meet her! We've been 'internet friends' for so long, but to meet in person finally was awesome.
-Changed my name (p.s. the social security office is a scary scary place)
-Signed up for The Feast of Sharing
-Lovey 'reserved' tickets for his company holiday party at Vintage Villas
-Did Race for The Cure (AND finished in like 31:33 or something like that)
-working on cleaning out the kitchen and the crap we don't need

Yea, it's been a crazy past month. I can't believe that it's November already! Lovey and I are trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving. I think we are going to Waelder but we haven't talked about it in awhile, so who knows if that plan will happen. What is everyone else doing for Turkey Day?

So I have 2 new lovely cookbooks in my life and I'm so excited that I got them. Now I just have to go to the store (my arch nemesis) so get ingredients to enjoy these books even more! (both images borrowed from Go buy these cookbooks. DO IT. And check out their blogs too: The Pioneer Woman & Crockpock365
Now, for 2 of my favorite sneak peak pics from the wedding. =) Enjoy!!!! (all images property of Inked Fingers Fotography. Don't steal.) Pics are from our wedding and 'We Did It' shoot.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Lovey!

Happy Birthday Lovey! I can't wait to marry you this weekend.* =)
*y'all can stop throwing up now from the gushy-ness. Thanks! Oh Look! I'm starting to embrace the power of the asterisk!

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