Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh Shit

The wedding is in 13 days......OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGG

Bachelorette party was this past Friday and holy shit I had so much fun. Visit Linda's site for pics, I am feeling slightly lazy. =) I love my girls!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Need Motivation? I Think You Need a Bootcamp..

So if you have attempted to keep up with my blog, you know that I have become a little obsessively dedicated with going to bootcamp. Like, to the point that I feel guilty if I have to miss. Anywho, I think introductions are in order.

Everyone, meet Bootcamp U of Austin, TX. And then go read the blog.
Bootcamp U, meet everyone.

Now everyone play nice, I don't have time to separate people.

And while I know there are days that I bitch and moan about dragging my happy ass to bootcamp, I'm still glad when I go. It has helped me with my running, which is going to be so key in the next few months.....that is because I am crazy insane and signed up to do the Austin Half Marathon Today with Jennifer. Yea, be jealous, I know you want to be just as crazy as we are. I can also say that bootcamp is going to be the reason I look so hot in the black dress I bought for Friday. I did have to go searching in a teeny bopper store to find it, which explains why the damn thing is so short, but whatev, beggers cant be choosers. I still rule.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giveaway & A Sort of Rhetorical Question...

The always fabulous & highly entertaining Mrs. Newlywed is having a fantastic giveaway! I guess you should go check it out but don't enter though bc I want that in my house. She is giving away the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Collection. Sounds all fancy shmancy. =) Good luck to those who enter!

Now, sort of rhetorical question time. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy can't my dog get her shit together and learn a lesson? A few posts ago everyone was introduced to Dakota aka The Bear. And I was so concerned for her well being......NOT AT THIS MOMENT ANYMORE! For those that don't know, my dog is a chewer. She ALWAYS has something in her mouth (I swear she's worse than a small child). If I gave Dakota a rock to chew, I'm fairly sure she would chew it. Now, most people don't know that she is destructive like this unless they have heard it from me, or have seen our house. It seems that her & the following items just don't get along so she feels she has to teach them a lesson by attemting to destroy them: corners, baseboards, linoleum, the upstairs couch, plastic, tv remotes and I'm sure many other things that I have yet to discover.

While she has torn up the things listed above, I did get mad but just blew it off. She did lose outside the crate priveledges when we weren't home though due to all the destructiveness. Well, this morning, as I was going to wash the NEW sheets that were bought AS A WEDDING PRESENT, I noticed one of the plastic packages open and wet. Upon further inspection, the plastic was ripped, the sheet was soaking wet and THERE WAS A RIPPED OUT PIECE ON THE EDGE OF THE SHEET. OMG I was livid. L.I.V.I.D. I just dont understand why she feels the need to do this????? I swear she has a death wish! And it was done while we were sleeping! This girl is about to be damned to her grate for every hour of the day! And she's an effin smart dog! How can she be so dumb????

Does ANYONE have any advice on how to get her to stop her chewing ways??? She has raw hides, compressed raw hides, the sterilized bones, ropes etc....all of which she uses on a daily basis but I have no idea why she transitions to stuff she knows she's not suppose to chew on. I'm at a total loss

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Bootcamp Update

Yesterday was testing day again at bootcamp. I improved on almost everything....except I FAILED at something that should have been EASY to beat. I don't know what was up. I don't wanna talk about it.

Squats: 50? maybe 40? don't even remember. bottom line, not better than last time
Pushups: 40 real pushups! I. RULE.
Sit Ups: 30 or 35 (yea, my memory isn't working right now)
Core Planks: 3 min 37 seconds! Again...I. RULE.

Now I need to remember sign up for the Austin Half Marathon. Is early registration still going on? I'm cheap. I'd rather pay as as little as possible right now. Tonight Lovey and I are taking the dogs for a nice leisurely walk to get them out of the house. It should be fun.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dakota Bear

Everyone meet Dakota aka Big Bear. This morning, I just about had a heart attack/panic attack because she did not want to eat. My Dakota Bear does NOT pass up a meal. EVER. I should have noticed when she was super calm, almost lethargic, laying at my feed while I ate my cream of wheat & drank my coffee. When she didn't jump up to tackle Lovey when he opened the food container, I knew something was wrong. I knew something was SUPER wrong when the bia growled at me. Dakota does. not. growl at me.

Now, I didn't want to be one of those puppy mommies that calls the vet when my dog sneezes funny. So I got ready really quickly (which is why I'm glad no one came into the office today..I looked rough), let The Bear out, and watched her from the window. She finally took care of business, ate grass, most likely coughed it up and then went on her merry way. I was sooooooooooooooooooo relieved. I have no idea what made her act like that. She is like a little kid and puts EVERYTHING into her mouth. No joke. So who knows if it was something she ate or if it was because she didn't *ahem* use the ladies room last night...

I don't think that anyone could seriously understand my relief when she started to play with me and tried to sit on my lap (yes, she is 54 lbs & truly believes she weighs 15 lbs), & jumping on and off the couch unless they have had this experience with their fur baby. I seriously wanted to cry when she wouldnt eat. I mean, what exactly can you do? They can't tell you whats wrong. I'm so glad she's ok. Even though she is big and crazy, I couldn't do without my Dakota Bear.

Up next, a post about the amazingness that is Ratchet aka Ratchito aka Chiquito Ratchito aka Cheeto =)

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Talk

So, a few things wedding....or a lot. We'll see how far I get before I get bored of typing/thinking. Make note, the beginning portion of this post is religious related. I don't usually talk about religion on here, but it seemed appropriate right now. Nothing preachy, just thoughts.

Last night, we had the meeting with the Deacon that is presiding over our wedding. Walking into the parish offices, I was just like 'whatev' to all this church business. Ok, wait, let me back up....

Lovey & I are getting married by the church. Do we go to church? No. Do we think about going to church? Sometimes. Do we agree with the church? I'm going to have to check the 'Not Exactly' box. So you may be asking "Whyyyyyyy are you guys getting married by the church?" Very good question my friends. Let me give you my answer. Our families would not take kindly on the situation if we did not get married by the church. And while right now, I do not agree with the church, I know that I still have my faith. I went to church regularly when I was younger, but that was with my parents. Now I feel like I am still trying to find myself and I know that the church will still be there if and when I decided to go down that path again. I also want our future children to have the option to choose how they want to practice their faith.

Ok, back to last night. After meeting with our Deacon, I realized that I am looking forward to our wedding ceremony. Hearing the Deacon say our reading, the readings that will be spoken at OUR ceremony, really made it seem more real. Lovey and I are getting married on October 10. After hearing the Deacon read the readings out loud, really was a powerful moment. And the fact that he said we chose very powerful readings made it seem even more real. For anyone else that got married by the church, did you have a moment were suddenly things looked different? Does that make sense? I am not overly religious in any way (I guess at this point in my life, I'm more spiritual but I don't feel like going into all that business), but after hearing our readings from the Deacon and havng Lovey sitting right next to me, it just really moved me. It's so hard to explain.

Ok Ok, enough seriousness. Back to the real Princess thoughts at hand. Lovey & I came home from our last mandatory church class and found a box on our doorstep. I wasn't expecting anything so Lovey went and picked it up.....AND IT WAS OUR 1ST WEDDING GIFT! A box from Williams Sonoma. *swoon*.....of course, I had to txt Trish bc I don't know the ettiquette of gift opening since my bridal shower is on Sunday, but in the end, it didn't matter because the damn thing was wrapped in the classic ivory wrapping paper, pine green ribbon, and bronze acorn decoration that I know and love. It's staring at me. I want to open it. But I'm going to be good bc the guest that bought it will be at the bridal shower on Sunday. So it's just there...staring....

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So Much To Talk About.

Jobbie: So it looks like I'm officially going to be promoted to manager on October 1. I wasn't ready to put it out there yet until it was 'official'. Well, I'm being trained for it, and in our little company world, that's pretty damn official since we don't really get to much real training. It's more of a sink or learn to swim type job sometimes. But the closer it gets, the more excited I am about it. Regional Bosslady has already given me current and past budgets so I can see what I have to work with and I already have set an expectation for myself on what to do with our property and how to get it where I want to get it. Hopefully I haven't set the expectations for myself to high, but I really want to prove that they made the right choice to promote me. =)

Wedding: The wedding is sooooo close. It's like 31 days or something crazy like that?! I'm so excited. This weekend will be my 2nd fitting at Alexia Gavela and I can't wait!! My mom is going with me and so is Liliana (guess I should remind her of that). And the great thing is that AG will keep my dress there until a few days before the wedding. Couldn't ask for more. Lovey & I are trying to gather and finish the last of the wedding projects, so hopefully we can knock all that out in the coming weeks. I'm just happy to see the to do list getting smaller. =) Now I just have to go shopping for something super cute for the bachelorette party and the bridal shower.....
(Random Note: Lovey's Bachelor party is THIS Saturday.....I wonder what kind of stories I won't hear about...)

Life: At this point, life is pretty grand. And pretty uneventful. I highly doubt people care that Dakota has a vet appointment this weekend and that I need to clean the house. And I seriously doubt that people care that I'm going to paint the master bath Behr 'Embellished Blue' and go buy chocolate brown towls and accessories to match. But that makes me happy. Oh! I also bought a new driver for $15 for my non-existent golf game. But I don't care. I'm excited to go to the driving range so I can try it out. I know I need a new putter though. But that means I need to learn how to putt. Peter Pan Putt-Putt here I come! Who wants to join? =)

Plans for tomorrow: not being a fatty (this weekend was so much drinking and food that I need to be super well behaved on the food front), going to bootcamp, painting the bathroom and maybe some online shopping.

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