Monday, November 2, 2009

Did you miss me?

Wow, it's been awhile! Lovey's birthday was a loooooong time ago. Since my last post, the following has happened..

-Officially took over my property and survived the 1st month as manager
-have put off writing thank you notes (in my defense, see previous accomplishment)
-am in the middle of writing vendor reviews
-learned out to make zucchini and pumpkin bread
-Met up with the Austin Bloggers b/c Serena was in town!!! It was so great to finally meet her! We've been 'internet friends' for so long, but to meet in person finally was awesome.
-Changed my name (p.s. the social security office is a scary scary place)
-Signed up for The Feast of Sharing
-Lovey 'reserved' tickets for his company holiday party at Vintage Villas
-Did Race for The Cure (AND finished in like 31:33 or something like that)
-working on cleaning out the kitchen and the crap we don't need

Yea, it's been a crazy past month. I can't believe that it's November already! Lovey and I are trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving. I think we are going to Waelder but we haven't talked about it in awhile, so who knows if that plan will happen. What is everyone else doing for Turkey Day?

So I have 2 new lovely cookbooks in my life and I'm so excited that I got them. Now I just have to go to the store (my arch nemesis) so get ingredients to enjoy these books even more! (both images borrowed from Go buy these cookbooks. DO IT. And check out their blogs too: The Pioneer Woman & Crockpock365
Now, for 2 of my favorite sneak peak pics from the wedding. =) Enjoy!!!! (all images property of Inked Fingers Fotography. Don't steal.) Pics are from our wedding and 'We Did It' shoot.


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