Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Lovey!

Happy Birthday Lovey! I can't wait to marry you this weekend.* =)
*y'all can stop throwing up now from the gushy-ness. Thanks! Oh Look! I'm starting to embrace the power of the asterisk!

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Soooo Clooooose

It is sooo close the wedding. I'm so excited!! So, the tone of my previous post was a very pissed off, not so happy bride moment. We have gotten everything straightened out. Thank Goodness. But still, I am going to be giving a certain few guests at the wedding the Ojo. But the good thing that has come out of it, is that Lovey and I are actually going to be able to invite a few people that we wanted there, but couldnt because of *ahem* previous guest list issues i.e. people being stupid and not telling us if they are coming or just plain adding more ppl.

Now, I know what Mrs. Manners would say (possibly say?). It's not good ettiquette to invite people last minute that weren't on the original list. I saw screw the manners. She obviously did not have a huge Mexican family to deal with that has enough cousins to wrap around the world once or twice. But whatev, Lovey and I are throwing this shindig, so we get to make up our own rules. =)

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Letter to a Few

Dear Select Few Wedding Guests,

Where in the eff do you come off thinking that it's ok to assume other members of your family are invited? I did not invite your mom. I invited YOU. There was no '+ Mom' on the fucking invitation. I am not inviting some really good friends because Lovey and I are hardcore and paying for this shindig on our own. But please, feel free, bring all the people you want. I'll forget the detail that the invitation specifically had the number AND NAMES of people invited. I'll also forget that a certain someone was also a bride not to long ago and was bitching and moaning about this exact same thing. But of course, I'll let that all go. Because I want these random losers at my wedding. I would love to feed them, let them drink my booze and most likely not even get a fucking card. But please, join us. The more the merrier. FML.

Oh, and I swear, it really wasn't a headache at all trying to contact the missing 20 or 30 invites to determine if they were coming. I didn't realize that I should have had some sort of psychic ability to just KNOOOOW that you were coming. My mistake. I'll work on that.

Princess Selina
The bride getting married in 9 days & trying to determine if we have enough room for everyone.

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