Thursday, July 30, 2009

What am I thinking??

The amazingly awesome Jennifer has talked me into doing the Austin Half Marathon. I don't even know what I'm thinking. I have enough time to train I guess. I just need to watch out for those ever so painful shin splints. I've started to slowly get back into running and icing my shin and watching out I feel. I'm still doing bootcamp next month. I really doubt I will give it up anytime soon. I did find a book at Half Price Books that has a training program that will fit nicely into my schedule.

So today I thought we would be doing testing at bootcamp but Robyn tricked us and we are doing it on Monday(?) instead I think. Either way, I need to get re-measured. I'd rather stay away from the scale, but whatev. It's just a number. I know I feel better about myself. Not good enough to sport that Victoria's Secret Swimsuit yet, but whatev. It's good to have goals!

I have also found myself thinking a lot of how I want to decorate the house. So of course, I turn to Etsy. And who would have a FAB-U-LOUS etsy shop but the amazingly talented Saskia! I have been eyeing a few of the prints but I need to decide which ones I want. I don't think Lovey would appreciate it if I bought out the whole shop. =) But oh how I want to!! So go look at her shop. And read her blog too.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

T.I. Had It Right

**If your day was peachy keen & filled with rainbows & unicorns today, I wouldn't read this, it's got some anger up in here**

So I haven't blogged in awhile. I didn't want to force it. BUT this week has been quite eventful. Work has been productive. I guess. I still can't see the actual top of my desk because there is still so much paperwork on it, but eh, whatev.

You. Don't. Know. Me. That should be my theme song. One thing that I have come to encounter more so this week is people who are assuming that they know more than, or just plain know me. If that is one thing that annoys the shit out of me is someone who thinks we are tight like that. I don't know you really, you sure as hell don't know me. I work in customer service. I'm SUPPOSE to be nice. And most of the time, I genuinely am nice to everyone and I want to help. But if you call me and bitch about how it's bullshit that you are getting charged this or that fee, then you should think before you talk. It's in the contract. You violated it. Hence, FEE! Is that really hard? And you really want to push me? I know of at least 10 other violations of that contract. I have no problem sending you charges everyday for them. So there.

This is also the case for other things....I am very in your face, very confrontational, very emotional.....WHEN NEEDED! Sure, it is fun making people cry, but if I did it all the time, it wouldn't be fun anymore!! I would love to tell certain people that I think they are stupid, need to grow up, form their own opinion, put on their adult underroo's and make their own effin decisions. Don't ask for my advice on shit if you aren't going to take it. It defeats the purpose and wastes my time.

Which leads me to one of my favorite quotes. Not sure where I first saw it..high school maybe? I don't even know who said it but I love it none the less.

"Smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to..." (or in my case, it should make them wonder if I'm pointing and laughing at them on the inside)

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mmmmm Baking Accomplishment

While a lot of things did happen this weekend, the highlight was baking with Jennifer. Ok, I lied. Going to Riata on Friday with Coach Robyn & Kim was a highlight of the weekend as well.

But back to baking. I crashed Jennifer's place after running some errands on the south side of ATX. We then proceeded to make the Cookie Dough Topped Brownies from My Kitchen Cafe. Holy crap were they delish. Go make them. Now. And while your at it, double the cookie dough recipe so you have something to entertain yourself while the brownies cool.....not like we did that or anything....never.

Before Baking..

Brownies out of the oven..

Plus Cookie Dough

Equals Greatness!


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bootcamp Diva!!!!

Yea, guess who kicked ass and took names.....ME! Yesterday we did testing in bootcamp and I totally ruled. I beat all my initial testing numbers! The initial test was done when I started bootcamp and for this test approximately 5 weeks has passed.

Initial Test / Yesterday's Test **edit:Robyn gave me the real numbers, so I updated them**

Squats: 41 / 50
Pushups: 16 regular, 10 modified / 30 regular, 8 modified
Crunches: 26 / 30
Core Plank: 1:10min / 2:25min

I'm so happy that I improved on everything. I can't remember if all those initial test numbers are totally accurate, but I know they are pretty close.

So basically what I'm trying to say is that if you want to be a badass like me (not really but my blog, so my world), then check out Coach Robyn's website and email her!
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Countdown freakout

Ummmm WTF? My counter just changed to 2 months (89 days). While I know I shouldn't be freaking out because Lovey and I have been pretty good at keeping up with everything, seeing that 2 month mark.....FREAKS ME OUT! Still have so much to do. I guess it's time to update the 'wedding crap that needs to be done' list......

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Friday, July 10, 2009

To Print or To Label...

**Warning: The beginning of this post will be a total Bride Brain Moment. Scroll to the end for some awesome Giveaway's I'm posting about if you can't handle it**

So the Lovey and I have finished cutting all the inserts for the wedding invitations and mounted the main invite in the pocketfold envelope. Now the print the address on the invitation envelopes or to just print out clear labels and slap them on there. Thoughts? Here are mine...

*Printing the addresses on the envelopes can look just as nice as handwriting them. In my case, printing from the computer is actually better because my handwriting is ugly..uhh..I mean a little sloppy sometimes.
*We are hand writing in everyone's name on the RSVP's already so that there are NO issues (ha, I can't even write that w/o laughing) of random people showing up at the wedding. So that should count for something
*Clear labels caaaan look nice if the right font is used. I don't want to look or be cheap, but damn, at this point, I just want the damn things to be done.
*Plus side of clear labels is I already have them....downside of envelope printing is that I've never printed envelopes on my printer.

Would you be truly offended if you received a SUUPER cute brown and hot pink wedding invitation that had a printed label on it? Or would you prefer something nicely printed on the ivory envelope? And don't even start with 'invitations need to be taken to a calligrapher blah blah blah'....I'm a champagne girl on a Bud Light budget. And handwriting everyone's name and address is NOT my idea of fun. =) Sooooo what do you think? GO!

Awesome giveaways that I want to win, so please don't enter. But I want to tell you about them so that I can increase my chances...I mean, so that everyone can know how awesome the blogs I follow are. =)

Giveaway #1 from the FANTASTIC Kimmie at Full Circle Adventures. She is giving away an autographed copy Jen Lancaster's Pretty in Plaid to celebrate her 500th post! That's so awesome! So go check out her giveaway. But again, don't comment. =)

Giveaway #2 is from the truly entertaining Mrs. Newlywed at Misadventures of a Newlywed in honor of her 1 year blogging anniversary. She is one entertaining fashionista so add her blog to your reader....or just add her to Twitter, that is just as entertaining. But back to the giveaway. I love monogrammed stuff. I want more monogrammed stuff. I love makeup. So a monogrammed cosmetic bag to carry all the make up I love? Yes Please!

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