Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Update

So last Thursday was my last day at Temp Company. It was kinda sad. Terri and I met Ryan and Tanya at Whole Foods and we were escorted by the lovely Melissa and Erin. Let me tell you, those 2 ladies are so funny. And their love/dedication (slight insanity?) to Crossfit can make anyone question their dedication to any one cause. Let me tell you, it makes me rethink my whole attitude on this 'getting in shape' gig. I'm going to miss them.

Anywho, back to Whole Foods. It was deeelish! I was pretty decently healthy. I got spicy tofu & broccoli, some shredded chicken thing (it was good, i swear), and a small basil chicken salad sandwich on foccasia. mmmmmm so good. I also stole some of Tanya's mac & cheese. No Whole Foods trip is complete without their mac & cheese. And then, before departure, I snagged a FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC lemon raspberry cupcake. I wish I could make them as good as whole foods. *sigh*

And even though I am formulating a new workout/get fit attitude, that totally didn't stop me from grubbin' at Mi Tierra on Saturday for Ryan's mom's birthday. While Mi Tierra is kind of overpriced, it is still delish and I don't mind the overpriced chorizo & eggs once a year. Their homemade (FLOUR!!) tortillas more than make up for it. Their rice and queso were pretty badass too.

So last night, Ryan and I made our way over to Trish & Joe's house where Trish made some great jambalaya. I think I'll be showing up at her house more often for dinner. And then we proceeded to drink our fair share of 2 (maybe 3?) bottles of wine. Which made for a dangerously painful Monday headache. Bleh. Lots of water + few ibuprofen later, and I was golden. I also had the whole bed to myself since Ryan had a 7:40AM!! tee off time this morning. He said he did good. I want to go play golf. To bad the closest thing I've come to golf is Peter Pan Putt Putt...and even then, I'm sure I still stuck. This evening Ryan bbq'ed some chicken and corn and I put some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers into the oven. It was a great dinner. I love it when my man grills for me. =)

Ok, now I'm rambling. Time to peace. New jobbie starts tomorrow! YAY! Oh damnit, I need to stop by the store too. Got all the ingredients to make pesto...and forgot garlic. go me.

Oh! one more thing. I bought this today from VS.....
in a size medium *gasp* good thing I'm starting 2 bootcamps soon. I'll need all the help i can get.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So today is the my 2nd to last day here at this jobbie. I'm sad but I'm also excited because that means I get to start the real jobbie next week! I start on Tuesday, so I get a fantastic 4 day weekend. I Rule! As a treat, the bosslady and her 'team' took me out to lunch at Buenos Aires Cafe on E. 6th. It was delish. Go there! Soon! And then this evening Ryan and I are meeting one of my bridesmaids at The Belmont. Soooooooooooo excited!

So on Monday (maybe Tuesday, don't remember), Ryan told me a nice story about his adventure at Barton Creek mall. He went to the mall to do get measured for the suit tailoring stuff at Men's Warehouse and as a surprise for me, stopped by the Godiva stand to get me some chocolate. Which, by the way, was deeeeeeeeeeelish. While Ryan was browsing the sweet treats at the Godiva stand, the sales girl (Godiva girl) asks if he's looking for anything in particular. Ryan tells her that he's just looking for a little present to give his fiance because she got a new job. Godiva girl says how sweet and let's Ryan go on his merry browsing way. When he finally decides, Godiva girl starts helping him. Then, Ryan tells me that some random ass girl (Stupid girl) comes up right besides him and says 'hey sweetie, are you buying anything for me too?' This is where Ryan said that he gave the girl the stupidest 'who the hell are you and why are you standing so close to me' look and Stupid girl just kept standing there, smiling at him, attempting to hit on him. Then Godiva girl saves the day. Ryan said that Godiva girl turned to Stupid girl and say 'excuuse me, he is buying these chocolates for his fiance' and then runs Stupid girl off. Mad props to Godiva girl . Because if I had been anywhere nearby, that stupid girl would have been bitch slapped. Nothing comes between a mexican and her man. =) LOL!

That's all. I got nothing else for now.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh Em Geeeeeeeee

I got offered a job!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to be joining the ranks of full time permanent employment again! After 5 months of unemployment and about 3 months of temporary employment, I finally get to put my mind at ease and not worry about where my next paycheck is coming free. These crazy bills don't pay themselves. OMG I'm so relieved.

In other news, I've slightly fallen off the workout wagon. But I plan on getting back on. I say this as I'm drinking a bottle of Sol. But in my defense, I didn't really drink last night with Ryan's sister (she only had Budweiser and I don't do Budweister...bleh). I have some fun menus possibly planned for this week, just gotta get to the store.

Now for the Awe-Summm-ness....
The always fantastic Kimmie of Full Circle tagged me with the Queen of All Things Awe-Summm Award! I mean, if the Crown fits....Yea, I knew I was bloggy friends with her for a reason! And I know she's pretty awesome too bc of her love of cupcakes & Texas. Go read her blog. You'll love it!

This is what I am supposed to do since I have been tagged:
1. List 7 things that make me awe-summm.
2. Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that I love
3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too (and link back to the Queen who tagged you).
1. I kicked ass at my interviews and now have a JOB.
2. My lappy is better than your lappy because I have a black Macbook. be jealous
3. I like math and understand that cupcake > apple
4. I can create an awesome dinner pretty much out of whatever is left in the fridge or pantry (Ryan even said so)
5. I kept my basil plant alive!
6. I'm not afraid to throw down for my friends that need me & take cupcakes to those in need.
7. I love hosting dinner parties. Anyone want to have one? =)

Now I pass this bloggy award toooo......
1. Not Just Another Jennifer
2. Confessions of an Enginerd
3. Vicki Smalls
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6. The Clothes Make The Girl
7. It All Started on Row 53

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'll update soon. I swear. =)

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was pretty damn awesome. I will highlight by bullet points. =)

-Ate delicious Chick-Fil-A junk food...mmmm
-Went to my brother's Senior Salute concert. It was awesome. The band he was in even played a piece that I played one year for UIL. nerd memories..

-BOOTCAMP! It was fan-freakin-tastic. It really got me going that morning.
-Picked up 4 of the BM dress from Alfred Angelo. They turned out soooo well. Now just need to give them to everyone so they can be tried on
-Saw Sarah and talked to her about wedding day BM makeup & talked to her about her wedding
-Made cookie dough for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes & then made said cupcakes for my Mommy's Mother's Day present

-Woke up early and decorated the cupcakes (pics on my camera, I'll download them eventually)
-Went to my parents house for lunch & to see my parents off (they were trekking to the Valley for some family issues)
-Ventured over to Barton Creek Mall where we found Ryan a new suit for the wedding. He is going to look soooo good! And if anyone sees a fuschia paisley print tie, PLEASE let me know where.
-Found the Dad's ties at Men's warehouse also! So glad that is check off.
-AAAAAAAAAAND We finally registered somewhere! We registered at Williams Sonoma and it was so much fun. I know some of the big ticket items we probably wont get, but a girl can dream. But honestly, I'm excited about all the little kitchen gadgets we registered for. As silly as it is, what I really want off the registery is the 10 piece glass mixing bowl set and the Cupcakes cookbook. I would be a happy camper with just that. =)
-Had dinner at Kenobi w/ Jennifer!! That was delish!

Now I just need to order the groomsmen's ties.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

I did it!

I got my ass in gear last night and went running with my Dakota Bear. I'm not sure how far I went distance wise, but I can tell you I ran for 20 minutes solid and did 10 minutes of walking at the beginning and end of my run. This is a huge accomplishment because I haven't actually run since before my surgery (so a month now?). Hopefully I can get push myself to make this a regular occurrence. I also finally did Day 2 of the 100 Push Up Challenge. Took me long enough! But I only did column 2 because I have bootcamp on Saturday and I know she's going to kill us with arm exercises. So Gold Star workout night for me last night! =) I'm going to try to change my sleeping habits so that I can try out Melissa's suggestion of working out in the morning. I know once I get into it, waking up before the crack of dawn will be ok...but it's the initial 'holy crap the sun isn't even awake & I still have to shower and get ready' that is worrying me. I guess at this point, I have nothing to lose. This job ends the 22nd and then its back to government handouts. So I'll be at home anyways, might as well workout in the morning.

Weekend Plans:
Friday: Bro's senior salute concert
Saturday: clean downstairs of house, bootcamp @ 10:30am (holla if you wanna join in the fun), pick up Cynthia's BM dress, meet with Sarah, possibly dinner with Jennifer?
Sunday: Run, Mother's Day lunch with my Mommy, Men's Warehouse trip for Ryan, registering at Williams Sonoma!!!!

oh em gee, I'm exhausted just reading my weekend list.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Workout thoughts..

So I'm a big ol' loser and haven't really worked out since bootcamp on Saturday. I'm so fired. I went walking on Monday evening, but I don't really think I'm going to count that. Honestly, I don't know what my dealio is. In my head, I want to get this workout party started. But everytime I go home, I'm hungry, tired, and would rather sit on my ass on the couch. No bueno. And yes, I could join a gym, but the looming date of joblessness and the extra cost of that is keeping me from doing it. I'm trying to scrounge up money for bootcamp once a week, I don't think I can afford a full out gym membership right now. That and the fact that I hate gyms. HATE. I am more comfortable working out outside. I feel like I can push myself harder with the open trail and jamming to Juanes and Shakira.

The wedding is less than 6 months away. That's plenty of time (I think) to lose a few inches. I'm not so much concerned with losing weight (but it's a nice idea) as I am with toning arms. I doubt I will have Michelle Obama arms, but a girl can dream. =) I am happy to say that I've been trying to consciously eat less lately and fill myself up with better for me foods. Salads, veggies, fruits...those kind of things. Gina's Weight Watcher blog has been helping me with that. And I've been filling myself up with more glasses of water so that I keep myself from snacking on crap food.

Part of the reason that I've started thinking more and more about why I keep failing at implenting a consistent workout routine, is that I started following this blog. It is really inspirational/motivational. I need to find that kind of drive. I know I can will myself to be that hardcore.

I am excited to say that I will hopefully be having a workout/running buddy soon. As long as her ankle starts feeling better. But I think tonight, I will go running. And I'll take the Dakota Bear with me. She alway acts a fool at the beginning of the run, but once she gets a stride, she's a badass. I hope Ratchet doesn't get to mad at me. His little legs only let him go so fast and so far. Oh, and I think tonight MUST be a pushup night. (Yea, I feel off that wagon also after the initial test and Day 1, how much do I suck?) But I think I'm going to switch down to column 2. Since the bootcamp workout is more focused on upper body/core workouts, I might need to take it a little easier on the pushup challenge. I'll report back on how my "plan" goes.

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Passing El Arroyo

When Ryan brings me to work, we pass by the El Arroyo on 5th and their lovely sign. The past few days and have been pretty entertaining...

May 5th: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Our cooks are 100% Mexican

May 6th: Happy Sies de Mayo! Our hosts are 100% Gringo

May 7th: Now accepting bank stocks in exchange for tacos

Great ways to start the morning.

In workout news, I suck. That pretty much sums it up.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday gardening

So today I am replanting my basil to a bigger pot and planting the new parsley and cilantro I bought. I'm a happy camper. My arms are not. They are soooooooooo sore from bootcamp! I might push my Day 2 pushups to tomorrow and just do a cardio workout today. It would be no good to strain muscles and then be out for the count.

I think I might also hold off on making cupcakes today and just entertain myself with chocolate chip cookies. There is a tub of pre-made dough in the fridge. A lazy girls dream. =)

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

100 Pushup Challenge: Day 1

I did my pushups yesterday and damn....I might have to switch to column 2 as the weeks progress. Column 3 is HARD! But I did it! Only did 10 for my max, but hey, it's more than 9. =) Today's workout will be the first day of bootcamp. I need to drink water and have something to eat otherwise I will fall over. Which wouldn't be good....

Sunday's Pushup Plan:

Day 2
rest 90 seconds between each SET (longer if required)
set 1 3 6 10
set 2 4 8 12
set 3 2 6 8
set 4 3 6 8
set 5 max (at least 4) max (at least 7) max (at least 12)

I guess the plan to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes that Jennifer posted on her blog isn't such a great idea for a workout plan....but I figured that I'll make then on Sunday and call people to come eat them and then take the leftovers to work. Self control....all about self control....
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