Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vivaaaaaaaaaa LAS VEGAS!

Lovey and I are going to VEGAS! Happy belated minimoon to us!!! I'm so excited. You just don't understand. I have a slight confession as to why I'm so excited.....I've never been out of Texas (ok ok, so I went to Kentucky to see family when I was 10 but that doesnt count & I went to Disneyworld when I was 6 but all I remember is the spinning tea cups so that doesn't count either) and........I've never been on a plane. Please don't judge. A former temporary aerospace engineering major and I've never been on a plane. Shameful. But either way, I'M GOING TO VEGAS!

So I need recs for places to eat, things to see and do! GO! We already got our hotel booked. We are staying at Paris! Look at us...being all swanky. Now, this is probably going to be a more "touristy" trip because I don't really gamble and the past times Lovey has come to Vegas was purely for gambling. So I think we are going to see a Cirque de Solei show, of course the water/light show thing at the Belagio, the shops at the Venetian and some other things I'm forgetting. But still...RECS!

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Linda said...

please eat at that thai place i told you about. and then report back.


:) i loved vegas. party hard!!

and i can't believe you never left texas! may this be the first of many trips

Kelly said...

How exciting!!! We went to see the show KA' and it was amazing! I'd highly recommend it.

Emily said...

So so so exciting! I was just there the last week of January (part work, part fun). I'll send you an email with everything we did and where we ate!

amelia said...

how fun!!! i've been to vegas a few times...and my fave things are: fountains at bellagio, any of the cirque shows...i've heard the water one at the bellagio is by far the best, but we loved zumanity (rated r) and mystique too! you can't really go wrong with just depends on your price range...we have loved sushi, pizza from a stand, etc...for night life, i really liked tao (but probably because we were all girls last time and got free drinks)...and tryst...try to get on a list so you guys dont have to wait in line!

el_twirpo said...

if you can get good tickets, go watch O at bellagio. most amazing cirque show i've ever seen (ok, so i've only seen 2 but it was AWESOME).

Ting said...

If you want to see "Old" Vegas. I saw this on the travel channel a while back, and I was very interested. Let me know if you go.